Seven things that damage your employer reputation

Seven things that damage your employer reputation

Firstly, what is an employer reputation and why is it so important to your recruitment strategy? A reputation for an employer, just as an individual, affects the way others view that company. And it’s important. A survey of 3000 job seekers by global leadership firm Employer Brand International showed that an employer’s reputation was “of significant importance” to prospective candidates. In fact those surveyed gave reputation a score of 8.4 out of 10 for importance.

A company with a good reputation tends to attract the best talent and, it follows, more clients as a result. Money isn’t important when it comes to reputation. Staff morale, the way a company presents itself to the outside world and how it regards its staff are crucial however.

A bad reputation, once gained, is very difficult to shake off. A good reputation, however, will attract more positive attention and the best candidates for your job. Here’s 7 areas that could let you down reputation-wise when it comes to finding those staff employees:

  • Pay and incentive non-parity

Having care workers who do the same job on different pay rates doesn’t just make prospective employees feel nervous about asking, it also leads to resentment and suspicion within the organisation and does nothing for staff morale, especially when accusations of favouritism are banded about.

  • Knowledge of disgruntled employees

Current employees putting the word round that they’re unhappy in their work and dissatisfied with management response isn’t exactly going to make care workers come running to your door. Quite the opposite.

  • Poor compliance reports

A care organisation that repeatedly received less than adequate reviews from inspection bodies isn’t doing itself any favours. No-one wants to work for an organisation that’s regarded as average or worse as that reflects on them. Everyone wants to work with a successful organisation which is a leader in its field.

  • Poor websites and online reviews

Considering a website is a care organisation’s ‘shop window on the world,’ having a poor website is a very common problem. And yet it’s something which can be fixed very easily and without having to fork out a fortune. Online reviews are more difficult to fix and can be extremely damaging. If there is a negative review it makes sense to address it online.

  • Drawn out application processes

Lengthy form filling procedures for a job can be off-putting for anyone. No-one wants to sit and fill out six pages when they don’t even know if they’ll get an interview in the first place. It takes hours to fill out an application properly. Then there’s the waiting. Hang around too long to make decisions over your short list and those candidates may have been snapped up by a rival firm as you dozed.

  • Messy offices

A messy office points to a lack of organisation and a ‘scatty’ attitude. Even if that’s not the case, it’s still perceived as such. In addition an office where desks are over-spilling with paper and cardboard boxes piled up in a corner isn’t welcoming – pretty depressing in fact.

  • Lack of interview feedback

See our point two bullet points back about the length of time it takes to fill in an application form! Then there’s the travel costs and half day missed for the interview itself. Not respecting a candidate’s time by failing to give interview feedback is rude. It also makes other wonder if you show as little respect to your staff.

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